Ashgrove Jubilee Rose
Flowers bring beauty into all our lives, There could be no better way to introduce the energy of vibrational remedies than through flowers. They bring a joy and gaiety to our lives through their colour and perfume. How often have you changed the "feeling" of a room, just by placing a bowl of flowers on the table or desk in your office?
In these pages you will find listed many flowers, all of differing species, and colour. Some have a heady perfume and some have no smell at all. Some are in the garden purely for their aesthetic property and some have known herbal properties. In the devic world of nature, everything has a purpose as well as being a trigger for the next step. If we follow our heart and learn to be aware of our surroundings and the people who come into our life, then every event and person has a purpose for being there at that moment. Each one is a trigger for the next stage along our path of evolution. It is up to the individual how you choose to react to each trigger and whether you wish for a pain-freeand effortless evolution or not. All relationships are a trigger for the next step along the path. These flowers are offering their energy as an easy "trigger" to resolve past, present and future realtionships. They act as the mediator, as well as the teacher and healer. They work through our emotions to all levels of mind, body and spirit. This new millenium is the seventh Golden Age, the Age of Aquarius  - the age of emotion.
Let us enjoy the vibration of the flower through our emotion. Use the energy of these beautiful flowers to balance all that we learned through the Industrial and Technological Age. It is not about forgetting the achievements of these eras but including them as well in the present.
This beautiful cerise and cream bicolour rose was created in 1986, by Eric Walsh in Erina, New South Wales, Australia. It's ancestry is derived from Mascot from Meillands of France, who also developed Peace. The Silver Lining, Red Lion and Karl Herbst are all part of its heritage. I was given, by my mother,  one of these bushes as a present in 1990. The bush has inherited the good points of strong healthy disease free growth, thick straight stems, shining leaves with the bonus of flushes of its wonderful blooms. It is for all these reasons that this rose is included in The Light Essences range of remedies and is listed as being for ANCESTRY. As with all vibrational energy the yin and yang of each aspect may be balanced. The essence is equally as good for the disease as the disease free state. It is for the straight bones of the body as much as for the broken or bent bone. It brings recompense for all that the genetic code of RNA/DNA has brought forward as well as what it takes into the future. If you wish to change genetic coding through 'the power of the mind", this rose will assist in your quest.

CARMINE ROSE - (ROSA) family Rosaceae
This rose in The Light Essences range is for INDIVIDUALITY. It stands for accepatance in all relationships. It is the trigger for knowing when the season is completed and it is time to move on. It is knowing when it is time to be yourself and stanf in your own power.

GOLD ROSE - family Rosaceae
This rose in The Light Essences is for TRANSFORMATION. When the world seems a weary place or change has been too quick to assimilate then this rose is for you.

RED ROSE - family Rosaceae
For every aspect of relationship, with self, with others, with things and places as part of The Light Essences range as a unifying essence

YELLOW ROSE - family Rosaceae
In The Light Essences range Yellow Rose is for balance. It brings harmony and peace

Red Rose
Yellow Rose
Tiger Lily