The Light Essences

Yellow Rose

The Light Essences (Kit No 1) are a blend of flowers and gemstones/crystals bringing together the wisdom and healing properites of nature with sound and colour to heal the mind body and spirit.

Listed on this page are all essences in this kit. They combine if necessary with the essences from A Slice of Life; Essences of Alchemy and Gems & Complexes
More details of how to use the essences are available by purchasing the Handbook as listed in the Essence Shop
Each essences has a symbol and a verse which is also listed in the Handbook
The power from the symbol and the channelled words are as an important part of the healing as are the drops from the essence.
Nature shares with us all her abundance with colour, sound and music of the Devic kingdom

Allamanda for MotivationThrough the colour yellow of the solar plexus, decision making is strengthened and enthusisam increased.

Agapanthus for Humour: If you feel buried and need a lightness in your life, this essence brings this to you. Laughter always is the best medicine.

Blackeyed Susan for To Slow Down: The world seems to be continually turning and the pace seems never to slow down, this essence brings you time to stop and reassess

Blue Plumbago for Doubts and Fears: The blue from the petals of this flower allow you time to communicate within yourself and to remove the feelings of anxiety

Bougainvillea for Obstacles: for resilience in removing obstacles

Buddleia for Dreams: when inspiration has deserted and you have difficulty in settling to a pattern of mediation. Or for those times when you wish to recall a particular dream

Carnation for To Show the Way: To recognise that the debris has been moved from your path

Crucifix Orchid for Change of Patterns: To be detached from a situation so that you may make the changes needed to move you forward.

Daisy for Joy: When gaiety and pleasure is missing from your life, this essence reintroduces the lightness of spirit necessary to exult in life.

Daisy & Jacaranda for Truth: Having the courage for expansion

Frangipani for Peace: This essence comes from the Master of Nirvana to bring you in, on the golden ray  of Peace.

Fuchsia for Unconditional Love:  To remove judgement and add music to your heart

Gardenia for Relaxation: To bring a state whereby sleep may occur or the space for meditation

Hibiscus (yellow) for Emotional Release: To bring balance where a freedom of expression may allow you to shout, cry, laugh or just BE.

Hibiscus (variegated) for The PathMaker: To assist in understanding your own truth through all the pathways of belief and culture

Jacaranda for New Directions:  To promote the understanding of inner knowing which comes to the conscious mind. A new sense of awareness

Kangaroo Paw for Sensitivity: For those occassions when sensitivity is overwhelming, either in the physical or emotional fields. Maybe an allergy to dust or plants etc. or a situation where the emotions run high.

Ashgrove Jubilee Rose for Ancestry: For the times when the genteic DNA is as important as the soul DNA

Carmine Rose for Individuality: To allow the time and space to express yourself when you have been submerged within a relationship either at work or home.

Gold Rose for Transformation: To relinquish old patterns so the natural transformation of growth may occur.

Red Rose for Relationship: All aspects of relationship between self and others

Rose Stem for Perceptions: To break the web of illusion which creates limitations. It allows for intuition to bring a balance with out judgement or old patterns of thinking.

Yellow Rose for Balance: To combine all bodies in harmony so that true peace may be obtained in any situation.

Scotch Thistle for Intuition: To strengthen the bridge between left and right brain, opening new pathways of knowledge from the subconscious mind.

Sun Jewel for Completion: These flowers were so shininingly bright pink that they glowed with love just waiting to be shared. This much love can never mean failure for you love yourself too much. Sun Jewel radiates success and the need to hurry forward into completion.

Tecoma for To let Go: Enabling you to bask in our own radiance so that you have the confidence to leave old thoughts and patterns behind.

Tibouchina (Noeline) for Just Begin: To give the confidence of taking the first step in any project or situation

Wisteria for Communication: This essence allows for the flow of information between all seven bodies. It allows for your own truth to surface so that youa re empowered to BE. It allows the courage to speak up and let the world know your thoughts. It promotes the courage speak your knowledge and voice your fears as well as express your love for others.

More detailed information on each of these essences from Kit No.1 is available by purchasing the Handbook through the Essence shop. A full certificate workshop is available online through Workshops and course which may be accessed by clicking on the button below.
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